Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Journey of the tundra swan

In this weekend, I watched the photo story named "Journey of the tundra swan" . This photo talks about "Tens of thousands of tundra swans make the annual journey from the Arctic to their Atlantic wintering grounds. The largest congregation can be seen in Winona County." It talks about Tundra swan. This bird is very beutiful shape and color. I think the photos are very helpful to understand about the specific topic. When I saw this photo story, I feel vivid and I feel like with lots of swan. In addition, almost of readers prefer photos to text. Photo is more attractive than article. If we use photo when we explain something, it helps to understand what this story talk about. Therefore, I think photo is very useful like my blog's name. Besides, I like to see photos very much instead of complecated text.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What the Heck is Geothermal Energy?

I read an article named "What the Heck is Geothermal Energy?" from the website about protecting our environment. Actually, I didn't hear what Geothermal Energy it is. I think it is very unfamiliar energy source. The Geothermal Energy is an alternative energy source likewise solar, wind, and biofuels. However, you guys only hear about solar, wind, and biofuels.

What the heck it is? You can watch a video about Geothermal Energy when you click link which I mentioned above. Geothermal Energy has many uses. For example, many farmers have used this energy to hear their greenhouse. Some countries especially Italy and Hungary have been using Geothermal Energy for a very long time.

Geothermal Energy is very simple formation. The electricity that comes from heating water, and from using that hot water. Heating water can make very high temperatures and steam, which work in many ways.

I think that alternative energy sources are very useful instead of other energy sources. It is because it makes less pollution. We should develop more alternative energy sources.

Monday, November 10, 2008

EPA studies pollution in Yakima water (water pollution)

I read an article about water pollution today. The title is "EPA studies pollution in Yakima water". The main point is that The U.S Environmental Protection Agency is handling ground water contamination in the Lower Yakima Valley. The EPA action wants to deal with the long-standing problems of nitrates which is an odorless compound found in soil and water.

In conclusion, The EPA makes a plan to examine ways to claim the underground water contaminaion. In these days, with the develpment of the society, we have to care more about environment for our generation.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Off Endangered List, but What Animal Is It Now?(Environment)

Today, I read an article about endanger species because our group subject is environment. Our group thought in class that endanger species are the one of the most important issues in environmental section.

This article named "Off Endangered List, but What Animal Is It Now?" talk about The Great Lake gray wolf. And the main point is that The Great Lake gray wolf is off the endangered species list. The wolf successfully recovered from an encounter with extinction and officially removed it from the endangered species list.

Maybe you guys have a question how to get rid of it from the list. The solution is that the wolf boomed 4,000 population in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wow, in Minnesota! I have to care about my body from the wolf when I go around the city. However, I am happy that the wolf successfully recovered from an encounter with extinction.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rise Seen in Food Allergies in Children

I just read a news article named "Rise Seen in Food Allergies in Children ." That article talks about the rising rate of allergies in children in these years. According to the article, different people may have allergies to different foods. Some of the people may have more than one allergies food for their body. It also mentions that hispanic children had lower rates of food allergies than white or black children. We should let our children know which food is allergy for them, and avoid to eat it.

After reading that news, I have a question. Is there any solution to cure the allergy except avoiding it? If I really like the food (for example: eggs)but I have allergy for this, what should I do...

Why I choose this topic to work with? It is because health is the most important part in everyone's life, and my grandmother have some problems with her body. I just want to pay more attention to this part so that maybe I can find some useful information for them. Also, find the significant parts my myself.

The Story of the Stuff

I'm sorry to put my blog entry late, because my blog didn't work last week, and they said that my blog was deleted...I followed Alyssa's suggestion to change my blog's name into "useful" instead of "useless." I hope it will work forever~~

The story talks about the environment, and there are five main points that she mentioned: extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal. First,extraction means that we use 30% resources all over the world in the US. Second, in production section, Annie says that we wasted too many energy to product things. Third, many companies use some bad ways to make the products cheaper than they they really are...Forth, we make lots of stuff every day, and contribute trash also.Earth can not digest all of the trash. Finally, the disposal is about the trash rececling, but only rececling is not enough to the speed that the trash come out. In a word, we have to protect our environment instead of wasting and producting useless stuffs.

In my opinion, it is a good video to educate how important the environment is, and let people aware that we are destorying our earth if we do that system continuely.

Link: The Story of the Stuff

Monday, October 6, 2008

blog entry 'Fear of Flying"

I read a article named "Fear of Flying" a few minutes ago. Why this article attract to me? It is because I have a strong feeling just like the author's point. This article is talking about the quality of airplane's service is getting more worse and worse. I agree with this article's opinion, because whenever I take a airplane, I always feel uncomfortable like the author's feeling. There are a lot of suggestion about making plane interiors functional and comfortable. So, I think it is a good idea to solve this kind of common problems. If airplane condition will be improved some day, all clients will be satisfied with the service. Finally, I like this kind of article of criticism, because the author represent our opinions instead of each person's idea.